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PharmD on Demand provides Retail Pharmacy solutions for hospitals, community health centers (CHCs), and other healthcare entities seeking to provide excellent value-based patient care. Our team has helped numerous entities open and continually manage health care organization-based retail pharmacies. PharmD on Demand is a Pharmacy Services Company with national scope based in Watkinsville, GA. 

Implementing and effectively managing a Retail Pharmacy is an intricate, ongoing process that involves regulatory compliance, contracting, and aggregating and understanding data analytics relative to the market.  All come into play to ensure your pharmacy is sustainable both operationally and financially.  Believe it or not, however, that’s only half the battle.  Ensuring you have the best pharmacy clinicians on your team and you’re providing the highest level of care to your patients involves identifying, hiring, and retaining the best personnel for your organization.  This means they must be a good cultural fit, practice at the top of their field, and be willing to work collaboratively with the ultimate goal of improving patient care through the pharmacy they operate.

Some of the most intricate aspects of retail pharmacies that result in its success or failure include:

  • Innovation: What are ways that your pharmacy and pharmacists can be involved in patient care in order to elevate the quality of outcomes you desire for them?
  • Regulatory: What state are you operating in? Are there specific laws that affect what you can or can’t do with your pharmacy? Are there Board of Pharmacy rules that do the same or are even more strict than the laws? What opportunities to improve upon traditional operating techniques do those laws and rules allow that give you an advantage in your ability to care for your patients?
  • Auxiliary Services: What is unique about your health care setting that warrants using the pharmacy in a non-traditional manner such as to provide Care Management Services?

340B Retail Pharmacy Solutions: Implementation and Management

Implementing an entity owned 340B retail pharmacy adds another layer of complexity to not only compliance and oversight but also the success and potential of your new venture. Whether providing medications to outpatients of a hospital pharmacy, creating and managing contract pharmacy relationships, or developing an entity-owned pharmacy, 340B compliance may seem daunting and proper accounting may require software upgrades and training.  Our services ensure compliance in all of these areas while capitalizing on opportunities to use or expand your in-house 340B pharmacy to maximize post-acute compliance and improve outcomes all the while maximizing savings and serving vulnerable populations.

For hospitals and Community Health Centers (CHCs), also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), there is much more to pharmacy management than staffing and inventory management. The evolution of pharmacy management must improve patients’ quality of life while supporting the financial and regulatory health of the organization serving them. PharmD on Demand helps in-house pharmacies carry on their core duties by creating efficient plans for comprehensive pharmacy management and 340B oversight.

What is the 340B Program?

Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act is a federal drug discount program that permits eligible hospitals, community health centers, and clinics to purchase outpatient prescription drugs at significant discounts as a way to extend scarce federal resources within their communities.

The program is critical to generating savings for many of America’s most financially vulnerable hospitals and covered entities in order to allow them to provide more comprehensive programs and services for indigent and underserved patients. While the primary purpose of the 340B program is to offset covered entities costs associated with serving the indigent population, medications from the 340B program are also directly provided to patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, as well as much-needed preventive services such as dental care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment.

There is a misconception among some eligible covered entities that it is too hard to maintain 340B compliance. While it certainly is an added layer of responsibility for pharmacy staff, who are often not familiar with the intricacies of the 340B system, PharmD on Demand’s comprehensive 340B solutions provide consulting and a customized service platform to help hospitals and FQHCs maintain 340B compliance – and continue to provide the highest level value-based patient care.

Entity-Owned Retail Pharmacies

340B-covered entities (CEs) may use entity-owned in-house pharmacies to help patients obtain affordable medications and to maximize the financial benefits of the program. While retail pharmacies can be a great financial solution for 340B CEs, these pharmacies must adhere to all the 340B Program rules and regulations to which the CE is subject.

PharmD on Demand improves the quality of patient care by providing hospitals and CHCs with retail pharmacy solutions that are transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. We consult with health care providers and customize our services to fit their needs. Efficient entity-owned pharmacy services translate into better health outcomes and allocation of resources for 340B-covered entities.

Traditional Services for Entity Owned 340B Pharmacies

  • Dispensing to the General Public and patients of the CHC or hospital
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) when applicable
  • Employee Prescription Programs
  • Synchronized refills
  • Individualized patient counseling

Advanced 340B Pharmacy Clinical Services

  • Outpatient Infusion Center Pharmacy Services
  • Outpatient Oncology Pharmacy
  • Active Pharmacy Management

Medication Safety & 340B Compliance Services

  • Meds to Bed programs
  • Medication Reconciliation Reviews


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