340B Management Services

PharmD on Demand specializes in 340B Management. Whether through our Comprehensive Pharmacy Management solutions or stand-alone 340B management our program will ensure compliance to the Health Resources & Service Administration in all ways it applies to your facility.

Split Billing (Outpatient Dispensing) Services

An efficient 340B program can save covered entities money. The program is complex, though. Identifying and managing 340B discounts is a time-consuming task that can undercut the savings the program is designed to provide pharmacies. PharmD on Demand is software agnostic and evaluates the individualized specifics of your 340B program to determine how to best manage the outpatient dispensing of 340B medications to eligible patients (also known as split billing). 

Using Health Resources Service Administration (HRSA) compliant policies and procedures, PharmD on Demand simplifies the process of determining medication eligibility, all the while ensuring compliance.  We ensure that Our customized 340B Split Billing Management program eliminates the time-consuming task of reviewing every prescription to determine its eligibility individually. Your pharmacists can devote more of their valuable time to providing patient care and operational oversight.

Contract Pharmacy Services

PharmD on Demand’s goal in managing any covered entity’s 340B program is two-fold:

  • To ensure program compliance at all times
  • To meet the intent of the program, which is to offset indigent care costs to covered entities with 340B privileged pricing, and
  • To maximize the value of the program to your organization and the patients it serves

Contract Pharmacy opportunities, for eligible child sites and providers of covered entities, offer a substantial opportunity to capitalize on the intended benefits of 340B participation by extending the reach of eligible prescriptions to the general public of the outpatient environment serviced by your providers.

Whether through our Comprehensive Pharmacy Management program, which involves your entity-owned pharmacy, or through our stand-alone 340B Management Services we can ensure compliance and maximum benefits of participation.

Ongoing Mock Auditing

Our team of Apexus Certified Experts (ACEs) ensures ongoing compliance to the 340B program.  HRSA recommends regular mock auditing be performed by an outside entity.  As part of PharmD on Demand’s 340B Management Solution, we include, at no extra cost, ongoing external mock auditing.  The investments we’ve made and continually make in educating our ACE-certified 340B experts ensure the covered entities we partner with have the highest level of compliance in the event of an actual audit.  One of our 340B Experts, Lori McGinley, PharmD, ACE puts it this way:

“Completing the Advanced 340B Operations Certificate program was a difficult but rewarding achievement that will greatly help our organization and the Covered Entities it serves,” said Dr. McGinley. “The 340B program is incredibly complex. Completing this level of education provides knowledge that is vital to implementing and maintaining a compliant 340B program.”

“PharmD on Demand has been a key ingredient to the success of our new entity-owned pharmacy, and their expertise and professionalism were invaluable to us as we ventured into the complexities of owning a pharmacy.  We worked as a team to build and equip the space, establish pharmacy wholesale and third-party contracts, and find a highly qualified pharmacy team.  They continue to manage staffing and can draw on their pool of talent, so we don’t have to worry about coverage.  They also are providing ongoing review and oversight of contract pharmacy and TPA arrangements, helping us maximize savings from those pharmacies.”

— Health Center CEO

Active Pharmacy Management

Have you ever wondered if the medications being prescribed to the patients seen in your outpatient clinics are the best medications both clinically and relative to your business’s status as a 340B participating entity? Did you know that your providers likely don’t know what the financial impact of prescribing the right medications can mean for your organization’s financial stability, nor which medications are eligible?

Very often, medications are prescribed to patients because they are the most cost-effective drug to achieve the most desired outcomes at the best price; however, it is often the more novel brand name drugs that can have the greatest level of impact on clinical outcomes and quality of life. In the 340B environment, those drugs also happen to be the ones that offer the covered entity the most benefit.

PharmD on Demand’s Active Pharmacy Management program analyzes prescribing practices and works with your medical staff to enhance the quality of medications ordered for patients in such a way as to capitalize on the 340B program’s benefits when it simultaneously is in the best interest of the patient to make those changes.

Savings with Our 340B Program Management


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Our partnership with PharmD On Demand couldn’t have come at a better time, as it shields us from some of the attacks on 340B contract pharmacy arrangements.  As we grow, we know PharmD on Demand will help us expand pharmacy services for our patients to improve clinical outcomes as well as financial performance.”

— Health Center CEO


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