PharmD on Demand was informed that the pharmacy director of Hospital was leaving 3 days from his last day.  We were already providing remote order entry to Hospital’s pharmacy.  The hospital had been unable to identify pharmacists other than PRN personnel to work at the pharmacy, and the PRN coverage was only available sporadically. We immediately began staffing the pharmacy when it was not covered by the PRN staff. Soon after, both technicians at the pharmacy left leaving no residual pharmacy personnel from the previous staff. Over a three month period we recruited several qualified candidates eventually hiring one pharmacist and one technician at a total net cost reduction of roughly $19,000 – this is after the cost of our management services had been applied. Additionally, the hospital did not incur the costs associated with utilizing a recruiting agency to attain a pharmacist which roughly costs 30% ($35,000) of a pharmacist’s annual salary. This entire turn-key process was handled by PharmD on Demand.