Comprehensive Pharmacy Management

PharmD on Demand’s comprehensive pharmacy management service allows pharmacists to focus on providing high-quality patient care. Our success is rooted in the sound financial principles of medication therapy management – providing the most cost-effective medications without diminishing clinical effectiveness.

Healthcare entities benefit from our expert clinical supervision, oversight of regulatory compliance, and implementation of effective pharmacoeconomics. These practices have resulted in net monetary savings and positive clinical outcomes for each of the facilities we service. We happily provide client references as a testament to our value.

PharmD on Demand manages all aspects of pharmacy operation including staffing, employee benefits, software, IT, training, supervision, and inventory ownership. By outsourcing these functions to PharmD on Demand, the facility realizes significant operational and financial benefits including the needed flexibility to deal with today’s dynamic market conditions. Within the first 12 months of service, our facilities can expect on average to receive the following benefits:

All contracts are performance-based and reviewed quarterly within the context of agreed metrics and long-term objectives.

Case Studies

Implementation of Pharmacy Management at Acute Care Hospital

Implementation of Pharmacy Management at Georgia Hospital

Providing 40 Bed Hospital with ROE & Pharmacy Management

Accute Care Hospital Receives ROE, Pharmacy Management, and Staffing Services


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