Hospital contacted PharmD on Demand with news that the Director of Pharmacy needed to reduce his hours.  The Director was the pharmacy’s only full time employee, and the hospital was concerned about potential lack of staffing.  After communicating with all parties to identify the hospital’s needs, PharmD on Demand developed a solution should alternate staffing be needed.  As PharmD on Demand already provided the pharmacy with remote order entry services, it was agreed that the service would be utilized in the event of any unforeseen absence to ensure the hospital would have coverage – this would also prove to provide cost savings to the hospital.

Further, PharmD on Demand recruited candidates to work on a PRN basis in the event that onsite coverage was needed.  Along with providing the hospital with an effective option, the Director of Pharmacy was spared the stress of pharmacy staffing concerns.  PharmD on Demand was able to accommodate the hospital’s circumstances by providing a seamless, cost-effective solution.