Case Studies

Implementation of Pharmacy Management at Acute Care Hospital

Average monthly cost of medications was reduced from $42,604 to $26,601 equating to a decrease in annual inventory costs of $192,039 or 62%. These goals were attained by focusing on: Complete reassessment of the hospital inventory Creation of a working therapeutic interchange system More effective inventory management (increasing inventory turns) Better utilization of GPO contract… Read More

Remote Pharmacy Interventions and Reductions in Medication Errors

High dose of glyburide, an anti-diabetic drug, was ordered via CPOE.  Our remote pharmacist called to alert the nurse, and the order was subsequently discontinued.  Intervention by the remote pharmacist prevented a potentially serious, life threatening adverse drug reaction (hypoglycemia, coma, death). Immediate-release dosage form of diltiazem, a drug used to treat high blood pressure… Read More

Implementation of Pharmacy Management at Georgia Hospital

Inherited inventory for Georgia Hospital was just over $200,000 the day we began providing services. Through better management and ordering practices the inventory was reduced to under $120,000 within the first 12 months of service. This reduction was achieved even though the expenditure on drugs increased from $300,000 to $330,000 annually within the same time… Read More

Acute Care Hospital Receives RPS, Pharmacy Management, and Staffing Services

PharmD on Demand was informed that the pharmacy director of Hospital was leaving 3 days from his last day.  We were already providing remote order entry to Hospital’s pharmacy.  The hospital had been unable to identify pharmacists other than PRN personnel to work at the pharmacy, and the PRN coverage was only available sporadically. We… Read More

Providing RPS and Staffing Services to Tennessee Hospital

Hospital contacted PharmD on Demand with news that the Director of Pharmacy needed to reduce his hours.  The Director was the pharmacy’s only full time employee, and the hospital was concerned about potential lack of staffing.  After communicating with all parties to identify the hospital’s needs, PharmD on Demand developed a solution should alternate staffing… Read More


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